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  1. Adusyanti Chatterjee
    Adusyanti Chatterjee

    On 25th of April, 2018 late evening, I went with an internal ear pain to Dr.Anup Sabherwal’s clinic at Navjeevan Vihar, with my colleague. Dr.Sabharwal said the pain is caused by accidentally chewing something too hard. He gave me some mild painkiller and said he is more than sanguine this is “nothing”, the pain will vanish in 3 to 5 days. I need to do “nothing” about it.

    I described the kind of the pain to him in vivid details.

    I was insistent that an X-Ray is a good idea, because I suspected probably its a bone-spur or something, but he laughed it off. He Did Not prescribe an X-Ray. In fact despite being a doctor, he didn’t know what a bone-spur is. He asked me in Hindi , ” Bone spur matlab ?”

    Not being able to diagnose my ear problem, he was inspecting my nose etc ,, and was drawing my deviated nasal septum on his prescription, something I am aware of since birth. And this has Absolutely nothing to do with my ear pain.

    Then he prescribed me some T-Allegra for snot formation. This whole episode was funny and tragic.

    He took 1000 rupees as a visit , for this false diagnosis.

    I am a photographer by profession and I was to leave for an assignment within 2 days, and he was made privy to this. So I couldn’t have re-visited him again shortly when the pain did not settle.

    A month later I still have the pain intact and now it’s more intensified, and I need to go to a hospital.

    It is difficult to earn 1000 rupees and here I have wasted 1000 rupees on someone who calls himself a doctor and is not able to do a diagnosis.

    My pain has gone from bad to severe and as a remedial measure , the first thing I will do is to go a hospital in the morning.

    And if I find out it’s really bad, as a last resort i have to put my evidentiary documents in a litigation suit, where he should be answerable to the court of law, for such negligent practice and behavior towards a patient.

    May 23, 2018 at 1:55 pm Reply

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